Wikon Company Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2014. It is dedicated to the research and development, sales of sensors and the development and design of specialized customized solutions for specific customer requirements. Our force sensors deploy the latest FSR inks, materials and process technologies, resulting in superior performance in critical parameters such as environmental stability, part-to-part repeatability, drift, hysteresis and durability. We use low-cost innovations in automobiles, consumer electronics, smart homes, games and health care, etc. Further, we stand by our data sheets so when you choose a Wikon sensor you can design it into your application with confidence. We achieve this without using unproven materials or additional processes, risk and development lead-times.

         We are a partner with foreign sensor technology company “Tangio Printed Electronics” to create products for Chinese and even Asian customers with low price and excellent process technology support and service for all customers.

         If you have other innovative applications, please contact us!