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Slimline Rugged Controls Immune To Water & EMI


Wikon's high-performance Force Sensing Resistors


Partner—TANGIO Team High reputation for quality and innovation and over 30 years of technical experience

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Wellcome Technologies is a limited company established in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2014. It mainly devotes to the research and development of sensors, sales and the development and design of specialized customized solutions for specific customer requirements. Our sensors use the latest FSR ink, materials and process technology, and have excellent performance in key parameters, such as environmental stability, parts to parts. Repeatability, drift, lag and durability. We use low-cost innovation in automotive, consumer electronics, smart home, games and medical fields. In addition, we support our datasheet, so when you select the Weikang sensor, you can safely design it into your application. We achieved this goal without the use of unproven materials, risks and additional processes in the development cycle.


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Wikon's business spans the global strategic region, providing all-weather services and support

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